The Mountain States Line Constructors JATC offers comprehensive training programs. A typical course of study and on-the- job training is designed to instruct the apprentice in the theory, design, assembly, installation and maintenance of electrical transmission, distribution, and related systems. Principle areas of study for apprentice lineman include: Technical Mathematics, DC Theory, Applied Algebra, Safety/Rescue Administration, Applied Trigonometry, AC Theory, Blueprint Reading, Magnetism, Generators, Transformers, Circuit Analysis, National and Local Codes, Electrical Applications, Electrical Maintenance, Schematic Print Reading, High Voltage Installations/Splices/Terminations, Equipment Operation, Climbing Technique, Supervision and Labor Studies.
Successful completion of the apprenticeship program entitles graduates to college credit. College credit is awarded by the American Council on Education through a program established by the NJATC. A participant may earn 25 semester hours. These can be applied at the over 1,500 colleges and universities which accept the ACE credit recommendations.

In addition, College Degree Programs are now offered to those individuals who wish to continue their education and enhance their career opportunities. Contact the JATC Training Office for more information on how you may take advantage of these exciting opportunities!