Natural gas is the foundation fuel for the nation’s clean and secure energy future.  It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and remains one of the most affordable home-heating fuels as well as having the ability to deliver high temperatures required for heavy industries. Modernization of facilities and maintenance efforts are critical to enhance efficiency, reliability and safety for utility customers.


There is significant oversight and regulations focused on the natural gas industry to help ensure public safety. The U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) sets federal safety standards for pipelines that affect the work Contractors are required to do. Journeyman Gas Technician Operators perform these duties generally outside and in conditions that can be challenging. The occupation can also require extensive travel.


The Gas Technician Operator Trainee Program is a certification program designed to develop Journeyman Gas Technician Operators over an approximate two-year period through both on-the-job (OJT) and classroom training. Application to the Gas Technician Operator Trainee Program is done through a member contractor that the individual is employed with.


OJT work hours are obtained through employment with a member contractor.  Trainees will work with Journeymen to inspect natural gas distribution lines; perform regular maintenance and repairs; perform preventative maintenance; and install new natural gas infrastructure. The Trainee is expected to conduct all job duties with safety as the number one priority, by participating in and promoting a culture of safety and compliance with policies and procedures. The Trainee needs to be able to work well with others including utility customers, possess the ability to accept changing priorities in work assignments, and be willing to travel.


Trainee’s will be expected to complete online coursework, attend structured classroom training, and maintain all required certifications. The online coursework is done on the Trainee’s own time and classroom training is mostly held on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.


Trainees will enter the program as a Trainee Step 1 in accordance with the applicable Statewide Agreement. Trainees will advance every six months if all requirements have been met. Trainee pay is figured by step and calculated by a percentage of the Journeyman (URD Tech Gas) rate.

Trainee Step 1 = 70%

Trainee Step 2 = 75%

Trainee Step 3 = 80%

Trainee Step 4 = 90%

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTs & documentation

An applicant must be at least 18 years of age and provide the following:

  • Completed Application

  • $25.00 application fee or $150.00 fee to reapply (both non-refundable)

  • Employed with Member Contractor