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To be eligible to take the Class A or Class B CDL skills test, the S or P skills test, or the H knowledge test, commercial driver's license (CDL) applicants must have completed applicable entry-level driver training from a registered training provider.  The type of training depends on the type of license or endorsement for which the driver is applying.  Below is a summary:

Steps to Obtain a CDL


CDL Permit

Go to your local DMV and provide:

  • Valid drivers license

  • Current DOT medical card

  • Your Social Security Number

  • Proof of lawful presence in the US

  • Other documents as required by the State


The first testing phase that you must complete :

  • General Knowledge

  • Combination

  • Air Brakes

*Commerical Learner's Permit (CLP) must be held for 14 calendar days before the driving skills test can be taken.



Individuals who obtain a CLP will need to complete this course before they will be permitted to take their driving skills test.  Upon completion of this course the results will be submitted to the FMCSA Training Provider Registry.  Prior to providing any testing services, CDL testing centers will retrieve these results from the Registry to confirm that the student has completed this course.  


Obtain CDL

You are now ready to fill out the drivers license application and schedule an appointment with your local DMV Office.


Driving Skills Test

The moment you complete the ELDT course, you can begin the behind-the-wheel training.

Driving Testing Options:

  • Local driver's license office

  • Third-Party Examiners (certified in CDL skills testing procedures can administer the driving skills test).  An example of a Third-Party would be a company that provides its testing for a fee.  After completing a driving skills test with a Third-Party, they will submit the test results electronically to the Drivers License Division.

CDL Prep Help

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Practice Tests

Practice Tests

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