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Line Clearance is maintenance of a power line right of way intended to prevent interruption of service to customers.  A line clearance / tree trimmer engages in a variety of tree care operations which include, the performance of tree pruning, trimming, repairing, maintaining, removal, or brush cutting.  Much of this work is done in the vicinity of energized, high voltage power lines.  An individual working at this trade must remain alert, and aware of the extreme hazards associated with such work, at all times.  Trimmers use both powered and hand tools, some insulated to prevent electric shock.  The use of bucket trucks and heavy equipment is common.  Ropes and rigging are also tools of the trade.  They may work for residential or industrial customers, but most often work on utility properties.  Line Clearance / Tree Trimmers work almost exclusively out of doors, and very often in inclement weather.  Their work includes clean up operations during and after storms and other natural disasters.  They must be willing to travel between cities and often to neighboring states.  The work of a tree trimmer includes heavy climbing and lifting.  It is quite strenuous and is usually performed at great heights.  Tree trimmers must display physical agility and coordination.  They should be stable, dependable, cooperative, physically active, and have a well controlled temperament.  Interests in out door activities and a mechanical aptitude are conducive to this occupation.  Good communication skills are imperative as is a "team work" attitude.  A heightened awareness of environmental issues, and the increasing population of the western states gives this occupation a good outlook for employment opportunities.  Work can be sporadic in some areas.  Steady work is likely for those willing to relocate.

Geographical Area:  Montana & Utah

Minimum Qualifications:

18 years

High School Graduate or GED

Language: ability to communicate in English

Documents Required:

Birth Certificate

High School or GED Transcript 

Current Valid Driver's License

DMV Report

Wage Scale:

Journeyman Rate: $18.05

1st 70%

2nd 75%

3rd 80%

4th 90%

Benefits include:

Health and Welfare (package includes eye and dental care)

Pension (defined benefit plan)

Pension (defined contribution plan)


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